How To Say YES with NO

We are constantly bombarded by requests for our time, our space, our resources (financial and otherwise). Buy this, take that, do this, have more; the list goes on. Often time we say, “Yes. Ok. Sure. Why not? Especially if it is free.”
You may be thinking, “Besides, isn’t it easier to say yes and not disappoint people?”

In the process of saying yes to new things, events, people, and commitments in our lives, don’t forget to consider the alternative: no. “No thank you. I’m all set, thanks.” Smile.

We don’t need to say yes just to be nice. Or to fill a void. Saying yes, unless we really mean yes, does not serve us. Saying yes fills our calendar with things we don’t want to do, our closets with clothes we don’t wear, our stomaches with food we don’t need.

One more thing…Saying maybe is another way of saying no. Perhaps it feels kinder, softer, more humane. It isn’t. Just practice saying no, nicely. Then smile.

I will never forget hearing Beth Edmonds circa 1984 tell a group to “Say no, like you are giving a precious gift.” Wow. Now there is a thought.

Give the gift of no:

To yourself- when you look in the mirror to consider a purchase and you are NOT sure if you like the look. No matter how good the sale price is, maybe doesn’t cut it here.

To your hosts- when you are offered more food, more drink, more anything and you really are all set. Say, “No, thank you.” Smile.

To your friends, family, colleagues- when they ask you to do something and your gut is saying “no.”

Give the gift of ‘no.’ It makes the gift of ‘yes,’ priceless.

It’s a great life, simplified!
Bettina Blanchard

About Bettina Blanchard

It’s not what we have, it’s what we do that makes life fun. Professional organizer, business owner, radio show host, accordion player, I love to live and write about finding the balance between having and doing.