Monthly Archives: December 2015

Join the January Jumpstart Challenge!

How would you like to start off 2016 with a BIG WIN? Do you have a project that has been languishing on your to do list? If you are like me you do, and you have more than one. When you think about these projects are they preceeded in your mind with the word should? Ugh. UGH. Lets replace […]

Word of the Week: Nimble

“Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the candlestick. Jill be nimble, jump it too, if Jack can do it, so can you”. Father Gander’s Nursery Rhymes. I love this modern-day version of a nursery rhyme classic. It reminds me about the benefits of being nimble when it comes to enjoying a great […]

Downsizing Made Easy

As much as we have a love affair with our stuff, a great number of us are facing the reality that “you can’t take it with you.” Literally. It just won’t fit. Moving presents an opportunity to evaluate what we have and ask the question is it still serving us? Many will seize the moment […]

All The Time You Need

Tis the season not only to be busy but right out straight. There are the usual activities of daily life and, on top of that, holiday commitments to fulfill. No one gets more than twenty-four hours in a day, so where does that leave us? Who says we have all the time we need? Well, […]

Thinking of Going Public?

Computers, devices, and technology in general have changed the way we live and work–a lot. We can video chat with people around the globe, capture life in the moment, and share it instantly with friends. We can take our technology practically everywhere. The Internet has created many opportunities for us on the physical plane as […]