Monthly Archives: October 2015

Action, The Antidote to Overwhelm

We all get stuck sometimes. It happens to me too. My friend and co-host of Life Simplified Radio- Ross Goldberg says “something, anything” can be enough to get you started. For me, something usually involves action. Here are my 5 Action steps to get past overwhelm: 1. Forgive yourself. When we are stuck we must […]

Squeaky Clean

My realtor friend Marc Gup recently asked me if I would write about the importance of not only neat, but clean, when it comes to selling homes. And while cleaning is one of my favorite subjects, I understand it’s not for many people. Calling it a necessary evil is the best most can muster. We […]

Ask Bettina

Dear Bettina, My husband and I are organized people. Our house is tidy, and when things do get chaotic, like the pantry closet or the garage, we put them back to right, but it never seems to stay that way. Got any ideas? Thanks, Elaine. Dear Elaine, Good for you two! Having a tidy house […]

YOU First

I am a fan of over delivering. Doing your best and then some, at home, on the job, life in general. So what does that have to do with living life simplified? I like to see people happy; my customers, friends, and loved ones. Who doesn’t, right? I have made it my personal mission to […]

The Long Road to Simplicity

If you’re thinking about buying something, buy the best quality possible. Notice I didn’t say the best quality you can afford. Buy the best quality you can find. Period. You see, when it comes to enjoying life simplified, quality counts. I know, quality costs more. There is a reason for this. Better materials, better workmanship, […]